Posted News: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018
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14 Kurds arrested over “contact with Kurdish parties”

MAFNEWS – 14 Kurdish activists across Iranian Kurdistan have been arrested by Iranian intelligence agency known as Etelaat since July 21, 2018 over “relation with Kurdish (opposition) parties.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan Sairan Aramesh, an activist from Sanandaj was arrested on Thursday by Etelaat. Aramesh was accused of connection with Iranian Kurdish opposition parties based in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Milad Saedpanah was another activist from Sanandaj who was arrested on Thursday by Etelaat.
Sadun Khalili, an activist from Saqez was arrested on Wednesday. Khalili who was accused of “propagandizing for Kurdish parties” has been taken to an unknown location.

Ali Weisi, an activist from Sanandaj’s area of Dehgolan and a member of “Saving Ramin Hossein Panahi’s” campaign was arrested on Wednesday. Weisi was transferred to Etelaat’s jail.

Sirwan Arghawani, Amir Rezaee and Farzad Sadeqi, all from Sanandaj’s village of Tangisar were summoned to Etelaat in July 15, and jailed.
In Bukan, Shahram Saeid Zadeh and his father, Karim Saeid Zadeh were summoned to Etelaat and arrested.

Saeid Zadehes were accused of “encouraging shop owners to go on strike.” Saeid Zades have been under pressure by Etelaat for blaming Governmental organizations for not aiding victims of Kermanshah’s 7.9 earthquake sufficiently.

Paiman Abdi, a labor activist from Mariwan was arrested in July 13 and transferred to Sanandaj for further investigation.

Jamal Khoriani, Akam Khezri (10-years-old), Kaveh Khezri and Kamel Khezri from Mian Doab’s village of GogJolo were arrested by Etelaat in July 12. They were all accused of “relation with Kurdish parties.” Except Kaveh Khezri who is still under interrogation, other activists have been freed.

Milad Saedpanah

Ali Weisi

Sirwan Arghawani

Karim Saeid Zadeh

Shahram Saeid Zadeh

Paiman Abdi