Posted News: Fri, Jul 13th, 2018
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20 Kurdish activists go to jail in Iran

MAFNEWS – Iranian intelligence agency known as Etelaat has reportedly jailed 20 activists across Iranian Kurdistan over “relationship” with Kurdish opposition parties since the beginning of July.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan Sarhat Khalil Zadeh an activist from Bradost Region of Urmia was arrested in July 12, 2018 by Etelaat.

Sam Abaasi, a civil activist who campaigned for helping earthquake-hit-regions on Kermansha was arrested by Etelaat on Thursday. Abbasi has previously blamed Kermanshah’s official for not aiding victims of earthquake in Kermanshah.

Soran Ahmadi, an activist who has been jailed several times was reportedly summoned on jailed by Etelaat on Thursday.

Voria Faraji, Houshiar Kasraee both from Mariwan’s village of Nai and Ata Fatahi from Sardosh village were arrested by Etelaat on Wednesday.

Abdulvahed Aminpor, from Mahabd was arrested by Etelaat. Aminpor was accused of having relationship with Kurdish opposition parties.

Shahab Ahmadi Azar, an political activist from Naqadeh was arrested on Tuesday. Ahmadi Azar who is studying his Phd has previously spent 6 months in prison in 2015.

Mozafar Valadbeigi, a journalist and editor in chief of Noriaw website was arrested on Saturday for publishing a report about undercover agencies bothering a family in Paveh.

Aziz and Amanj Rashidi, two brothers from Bukan were arrested on Saturday. They were accused if having tie with Kurdish opposition parties.

In Sanandaj, Etelaat has reportedly arrested Arsalan Hedayati, a civil activist from Qorveh. No accusation was mention when Hedayati was arrested.

According to the information obtained by Mafnews, five civil activists were arrested on July 4 in Kermanshah for attempting to hold a cultural festival named Khwendawana without Etelaat’s permission.

Shahryar Tahmasebi and Ardeshir Mosavi from Kermanshah, Mostafa Bagheri Ashna from Hamdean, Mehdi Azadbakht and Bijan Geravand from Lorestan are the activists who were arrested on July 4.

Khodakaram Amini, an activist from Kermanshah was arrested on July 4. Amini was accused of having relationship with Kurdish opposition parties.

Erfan Rashidi, an environmentalist from Paveh was arrested on July 3 by Etelaat.

Saber Khalife was arrested on July 3 by Etelaat in Oshnavieh.

Houshiar Kasraee

Sam Abaasi

Shahab Ahmadi Azar

Ardeshir Mosavi

Mostafa Bagheri Ashna

Mehdi Azadbakht

Bijan Geravand

Shahryar Tahmasebi

Arsalan Hedayati

Saber Khalife

Erfan Rashidi

Mozafar Valadbeigi