Posted News: Fri, Aug 5th, 2016
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20 Sunnies prisoners in Iran start a hungry strike



MafNews-Iran: As a protesting for hanging a group of Sunnies prisoners, 20 prisoners in Rajayishahr start a hungry strike.


According to sources from Rajayishahr, 20 Sunnies prisoners start a hungry strike against hanging 21 others by the Iranian authority few days ago.


 Sources added the prisoners in Rajayishahr in Karaj, since 4 days, has started their strike, therefore the Iranian authority threatening them to finish the strike or they aslo will be hunged soon as the others.


Those prisoners who started the strike also facing death sentence by the Iranian court in the charge of they are fighting against God.


Few days ago, the Iranian authority hunged 21 Sunnies prisoners who were jailed in Rajayshaher prison.