Posted News: Thu, May 21st, 2015
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A Report about the Status of Mohammad Amin Abdullahi, Exiled Political Prisoner

Maf News: Mohammad Amin Abdullahi, political prisoner and resident of Boukan, has been deprived from the right of family visit after being exiled to Tabas prison.

ZendanAccording to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), alongside difficult condition of this prisoner, his family cannot travel for visit due to the cost and distance.

A close source to this political prisoner told HRANA’s reporter, “distance between Boukan and Tabas is 1500km and a family that has no income source, cannot afford traveling for one hour visit”.

Recently, this political prisoner has requested the authorities in a letter, for his transfer to a closer prison to his residency place and stated that if this would not happen, then he has no choice except hunger strike.

One of his brothers is in death row in Uremia prison and the other has been sent for compulsory military service. A close source to this family said, “Mohammad Amin has an 80-years-old father that requires hospitality and cares. A family with two children that their fathers are in prison, the eldest brother is in death row and younger one has been sent to military service, generally has no income”.

Mohammad Amin Abdullahi was arrested in 2005, when he was 19 and charged with belligerence and fight with government officer and received the sentence of 18 years in prison and exile to Tabas prison. He was transferred to Tabas prison from Uremia two years ago.

According to HRANA, Tabas prison is a small prison with nearly 120 prisoners and except two prisoners the others’ charges are not political. Mohammad Amin Abdullahi is kept in this prison along with another political prisoner with the name of Fakhroddin Faraji.