Posted News: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017
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Asadzadeh sentences to 3 years and one day


DCHRK: Asadzadeh was arrested on charge of “cooperation with a Kurdish opposition party ”


According to a reliable source for the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, the branch two of Revolutionary Court in Urmieh sentenced a Kurdish political prisoner to 3 years and one day in prison.

“Afshin Asadzadeh, a Kurdish citizen from Orumiyeh, who was arrested by the security forces at his home on 24 October 2016, was had been detain on charges of cooperation with a Kurdish opposition party.

He was detained at a detention centre of the security forces in Oroumiyeh for twenty days, during which he was tortured and for a few days he was formally informed about his senttence.

“Asadzadeh was later transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison to serve a temporary detention order. A special unit of the intelligence office had ordered he be placed at Ward 10, so he is jailed among drug-related offenders,” the source said. Befor he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.