Posted News: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018
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Border guards continue killing Kolbars


MAFNEWS – Ten border carriers known as Kolbar have been killed and wounded since the beginning of June, some by Iranian border guards, others by falling from cliff, Mafnews reported.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, 47-years-old Saboor Qaderi, from Najar village in Paveh, Kermanshah province died in hospital on Friday (08.06.2018). Saboor fell from cliff on Thursday.

Iranian border guard on Thursday shot a group of Kolbars in Sardasht’s village of Kapran and killed a Kolbar named Eskandar Mohammadi.

Asaad Hassan Zadeh, son of Khalil, also a Kolbar from Piranshahr was shot and killed by the border guard on Thursday.

Ebrahim Rahmani was another porter from Piranshar who was shot and wounded by the guards on in May 31.

In Baneh, Kamal Mohammadi, also a Kolbar was killed as the frontier forces shot a group of Kolbars.

On May 29, a group of Kolbars in Oshnavieh were attacked by the border guards, 28-years-old Rebwar Moradi was dead .Salim Khalili and Khalil Faraji were wounded.

Nemat Farazi, Also a Kolbar from Salmas was shot and wounded.