Posted News: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018
News Code: 1028

Etelaat delivers dead body of a detainee to his family

MAF NEWS – Iranian Intelligence Agency known as Etelaat delivered dead body of Qobad Azaami, from Javanrod to his family on Friday, telling his father that Qobad has committed suicide while he was under investigation.

Qobad Azaami

Azaami was arrested on late February in Javanrod by Police and then transferred to Etelaat in Kermanshah, on accusation of “carrying pistol.”

A source from Javanrod revealed to Maf News that the family of Azaami received a phone call on Fariday to go to medical jurisprudence and then they were explained that “their son has committed suicide by consuming medicine.”

Dozens of protesters have been arrested since people stormed into streets In late 2017 against corruption, several detainees have died under torture.