Posted News: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017
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Finally Saywan Rahimi is alive in Dizel Abad Prison on the charge of Enmity against God


CDHRK: The Iranian forces arrested Rahimi while he was seriously wounded

 According to a reliabel source from Dizel abad Prison in the City of Kermanshah, the Kurdish political prisoner Saywan Rahimi, who his predestination was unknown for 19 months, is alive in Dizel Abad in Kermanshah Prison.

” Rahimi was ambushed by [Iran’s] IRGC forces near the Iran-Iraq border and he was seriously wounded in the clashes with the Iranian forces and arrested” sayed the same source.

“Badly injured during his arrest and he is now detained in dire conditions closely monitored by guards, not allowed to communicate with his family and lawyer in ward 10 of Dizel Abad prison” sayed the same source.

In January 2016, Rahimi’s parents  to get information on the fate if their son,but the Iranian intelligence in Kermanshah always says they do not have any information about him.

Although his parents were shown a short video of their son being interrogated after they had insisted to see any traces of their son.

They were told that Rahimi had been charged with Enmity against God because of his membership in Free Life Party of Kurdistan, better known by its Kurdish acronym PJAK, which is outlawed in Iran.

During the past year, Rahimi’s parents and their lawyer tried repeatedly to visit him in Kermanshah prison but each time the prison staff pretended to know nothing of his presence at the prison.