Posted News: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017
News Code: 459

Indiscriminate killings of Border Couriers in 2016

Report provides a quick overview of the situation of human rights in Kurdistan of Iran in 2016. Furthermore, it delves into issue-specific information and analysis, while highlighting critical forms of human rights violations that Kurdish populations face in Iran.

This report specifically addresses executions, political prisoners, indiscriminate killings of Kulbaran (Border Couriers), women’s suicide and landmine incidents affecting Kurdish civilians in 2016.

The Kurdish people in Iran have yet again endured the highest number of executions in 2016 (at least 90 Kurdish prisoners have been executed), blind killing (51 kolbar/border couriers were killed and 71 injured), women’s suicide (at least 65 cases of women’s suicide reported in Kurdistan of Iran in 2016) and landmine explosions (51 landmine explosion victims reported in Kurdistan of Iran in 2016).