Posted News: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018
News Code: 1003

Iran arrests Kurdish poet for second time in last month

MAF NEWS – The Intelligence agency (known as Etelaat) of Iranian Kurdish city of Ilam has reportedly arrested Hossain Baqeri, a Kurdish poet and political activist on Sunday, the second time since December 2017.

“Two days ago, security forces (Etelaat) raided Hossain’s house in Malek Shahi city and arrested him,” a friend of Baqeri told Maf news, “They (Etelaat forces) accused him of ‘acting against national security and insulting sacred values of Iran.”

Baqeri who is unable to walk due to a car accident was also arrest on late November last year for same accusations.

“Etelaat forces raided into my house and arrested me, they also took my laptop and mobile,” Baqeri told Maf news after his release on bail in December last year.

Baqeri’s recent arrestment seems to have a link with recent anti-corruption protests in Iran.