Posted News: Sat, May 12th, 2018
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Iran detains three activists in Saqez

MAF NEWS – Iranian Revolutionary court in Saqez sentenced three activists from the city to jail over different accusation in early May.

Ata Rahmanzadeh, Nader Majidiyan and Shahram Majidiyan

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, Ata Rahmanzadeh was sentenced to one year in jail, Rahmanzadeh was accused of “propagandizing against regime.”

Rahmanzadeh was arrested by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Crops (IRGC) in September 27, 2017 after he had participated in celebration of independence referendum held in September 25, 2017 by Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

After Spending one month in jail, Salehzadeh was freed on bail in Ovtober.

Nader and Shahram Majidian, two civil activists also from Saqez were sentenced to one year in jail by the Revolutionary Court in late April, six month for each.

Majidians were informed of the judgement in late April, they were accused of “participating in illegal gatherings and propagandizing against regime in favor of (Kurdish) opposition parties.”

Majidians were arrested in February, 2016.