Posted News: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018
News Code: 1031

Iran Executions: Three Prisoners Hanged in Four Cities

MAF NEWS -The Iranian authorities carried out execution sentences given to three Prisoners in the western province of Kermanshah and Urmia.

Abubakr Salimi

Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, identified the executed as Masoud Wakili, 29 and Kaiwan Rashkhar, 27.

According to Maf News, Kaiwan Rashkhar and Masoud Wakili were sentenced to death by Iranian judicial authorities for alleged murder cases.

According to a close source, on the morning of Monday, March 5, a prisoner was hanged at Urmia Central Prison on murder charges. The prisoner, identified as Abubakr Salimi, was arrested and sentenced to death 12 years ago.