Posted News: Mon, May 21st, 2018
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Iran goes on in Killing Kolbars

MAFNEWS – At least nine border carriers known as Kolbar have been shot and killed and wounded by the Iranian border guards in Kurdish cities close to Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Iranian Kurdistan border.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, Meysam Karimi was shot and killed by the border guards in Kila Shin border point on Sunday.

In May 20.2018, Ramin Senji, also a Kolbar from Urmia was shot and wounded by the border guards in Margawar.

Ali Hassanzadeh, also a Kolbar from Piranshahr was shot and wounded in Kani Khoda Mountains on Saturday.

In May 15, Mostafa Haji, a Kolbar from Peveh’s village of Hani Garmala was shot and heavily wounded his condition is critical in Sanadaj’s Hospital.

Yadegar Karimian, a Kolbar from Bayan Dareh in Baneh was wounded by a mine explosion in May 14. Karimian has lost his leg.

In May 13, Rahman Rasuli Azar, another Kolbar from Piranshahr was hit by a mine explosion and lost his leg.

Naser Javan, from Sardasht fell from a cliff and was injured.

Karim Mohammad Khani, a 34-years-old Kolbar from Kamyaran fell from a cliff in Nowsud and died in May 6.

In May 5, Rahman Tafakhor, a Kolbar from Piranshahr was shot by the border guards and wounded in Kani Khoda border.