Posted News: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017
News Code: 736

Iranian border guards injure two Kolbars and arrest three more

MAF NEWS – Two Kurdish border carrier called Kolbar were wounded by Iranian frontier guards in the country’s Kurdish border areas and three more arrested in early October, Maf News reported.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan a group of Kolbar was ambushed and shot by Iranian border guards in the Kurdish city of Sardasht on Monday and a Kolbar called Amir Khezri was wounded in his leg.

Khezri was transferred to Mahabad’s Hospital and treated.

Another kolbar named Siamand Rastgoo was also shot by the frontier guards and wounded in Sardashton Saturday.

Meanwhile, Paveh’s court arrested three Kolbars named Rahman Rahimi, Omid Moradi, and Bakhtiar Khandani.

They were accused to have clashed with Iranian border guards in Nowsod.

According to the information obtained by Maf News, at least 120 Kolbars have been killed or wounded by Iranian border guards in 2017.

Iranian Kurds took the streets in the Kurdish cities in early September protesting the killing of two Kolbars from Baneh.