Posted News: Sun, Oct 8th, 2017
News Code: 743

Iranian border guards kill and injure twenty Kolbars in one month

MAF NEWS – At least 20 Kurdish border carriers called Kolbar have been killed or wounded last month, Maf News reported.

“Six Kolbars were shot and killed by the Iranian border guards from August 23 to September 23,” Maf News cited, “another 11 Kolbars were also wounded by the border guards.”

According to the reports obtained by Maf News, an elderly Kolbar from Piranshahr got a heart attack while carrying goods through the Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan border and died.

“A Kolbar was also injured by a mine explosion and one more by felling of a headland,” Maf News quoted.

Kurdish cross-border porters who carry goods on their back through the Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan border are called Kolbar.

Iranian Government presumes Kolbars as smugglers who are damaging the country’s economy by importing illegal goods.

Kolbars, on the other hand, say that this “dangerous job” is the only way of income for them “since there is no other job in the Kurdish frontiers areas.”