Posted News: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2018
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Iranian border guards kill and wound nine more Kolbars


MAFNEWS – Nine Kurdish border carriers known as Kolbars have been killed in border areas between Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan since the beginning of August 2018. Eight of the Kolbars were shot by Iranian border guards and one was hit by a mine explosion.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, a group of Kolbars in the Bewaran area of Sardasht were shot by the border guards on August 12. Two of the Kolbars, Rebwar Khezrpour form Mir Sheikh and Mohammad Hamzehpour were wounded.

Esmaeel Azizi from Mahabad was shot and dead by the border guards on August 12.

Sabour Yari, A Kolbar from Paveh’s village of Shamshir was wounded by a mine explosion and lost his leg on August 10.

Javidan Hakkari, a Kolbar from Kala Rash, a village around Salmas was shot and dead by the border guards on August 6.

On August 5, border guards shot and killed 18-year-old Hasel Badbarin from Piranshahr in Qandil. Khaled Mama Amin, also a Kolbar from Piranshahr was shot and wounded in the same day.

23-year-old Hashem Tahourian, son of Asghar was shot and wounded on August 4 in the Targavar border.

Sulieman Badoshiveh was shot and killed by the border guards on August first.

All the killed and wounded Kolbars have been shot without warning.