Posted News: Sat, Nov 4th, 2017
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Iranian Intelligence service continues arresting Kurds

MAF NEWS – Iranian intelligence service known as Etelaat continues to arrest Kurds in the Kurdish provinces of the country in recent weeks, though few have been freed on bail, Maf News reported.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, Ali Saredebrahimi, a Kurdish resident of Mako was arrested on October 25 by the security forces and transferred to an unknown location.

Saedebrahimi’s accusation was ‘’cooperating with Kurdish parties.”

Behruz Azizi, from Sanandaj was also arrested in the same day and by the same accusation.

On October 26, Mohammad Amin Shilanabadi who is from a village near Naghade was also arrested, he was also accused of ‘’cooperating with Kurdish parties.”

Kave Menbari was arrested on late October in a Niar, southwest of Sanandaj and was transferred to an unknown location.

Sadiq Aini, from Oshnaviye who was serving the military has been accused of cooperating with Kurdish parties and sentenced to 10 years in prison as well as exiled to Ardebil prison by the Urmie military court.

Aini was arrested in early August by Etelaat and was transferred to Urmie prison after his investigations was over.

In Sardasht, AbdulSalam Mahmodian, preacher of Bewaran village, Haji Esmaeel one of the trusted persons of the village and Khaled Hassanzadeh the council of the village were called to Etelaat and questioned.

They were accused of “humiliating the sacred” by changing the name of the mosque of the village.

According to the information obtained by Maf News Saeed Ahmadi, a photographer was sentenced to six years in prison after spending eight month in captivity.

Ahmadi was also arrested on March due to the same accusation, “cooperating with Kurdish parties.”

On the other hands some other Kurds have been freed on bail.

Bakhtiar Khoshnam who was arrested on September 26 and sentenced to three months in prison because of contacting Radio Farda was freed on bail.

Ata Shomali who was jailed on September 26 because of celebrating Iraqi Kurdistan Region Referendum, was also freed on bail.

According to the reports obtained from Kermanshah, Ali Khalilpour, A Sunni Kurdish Student was freed on bail in late October.

Khalilpour was studying in one of the religious schools in Zahedan, he was detained after he returned from Zahedan.

Based on the statistics published by the CDHRK, seven Kurdish border carriers known as Kolbar were killed and ten more wounded by the Iranian border guards from late September to early November, two Kurds were executed, dozens were sentenced to imprisonment and at least 360 summoned to Etelaat.