Posted News: Sun, Dec 17th, 2017
News Code: 915

Iranian border guard kill two Kolbars

MAF NEWS – Iranian border guards opened fire on a group of frontier carriers known as Kolbars, in Betoush and and killed two kolbars on Saturday, Maf News reported.

“20-years-old Osman Ahmadi and 22-years-old Mohammad Bahrami were shot last night, while they were passing the border,” an villager of Betoush told Maf News.

The source continued that the Kolbars “were headed to the Kurdistan Region to bring good, they were not carrying anything.”

Hundreds of the villagers attended the funeral of Ahmadi and Bahrami today.

Although, two articled of Iranian constitution say that the Iranian armed forced are not allowed to open fire unless they are in danger, but tens of Kolbars are being shot and killed every year by the border guard of the Iran.