Posted News: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018
News Code: 1301

Iranian Supreme Court confirms death sentence for eight Kurdish citizens

MAFNEWS – Eight Kurdish citizens who were arrested for attacking Iranian Parliament and the shrine of Khomaini are reportedly sentenced to death by Iran’s Supreme Court.

Based on the official report of ministry of Judiciary, Musa Qazanfaraabadi, the chief justice, on May 13, said that 8 people accused of attacking the Parliament and the shrine of Khomaini have been sentenced to death.

Qazanfaraabadi added that the death sentences have been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The detainees who are listed below were sentenced to death while seven court sessions took less than a week.

1. Sirus Azizi from Tashar, Pawa.

2. Majed Mortezayi from Khanaga, Pawa.

3. Sulaiman Muzafari, the son of Rahman, from Kharajian, Rawansar.

4. Ismail Sufi, from Sarpul Zahab

5. Rahman Behruz, son of Karim, from Sarpul Zahab

6. Ayoub Isma’ili, son of Hassan, from Salas Babajani

7. Khosrow Ramezani Mir Ahmadi, son of Ahmad,

8. Osman Behruz, from Sarpul Zahab

Iranian news agencies quoted the Iranian Intelligence Agency known as Etelaat as saying that the detainees were accused of keeping heavy weapons.

“the attackers on the Parliament building have been killed, so these sentences are not fair,” an Iranian lawyer told Mafnews on condition of anonymity.

Based on the statistics obtained by Mafnews, after the suspicious attack on Iranian Parliament, more than 250 Kurdish citizens have been arrested.