Posted News: Sun, Mar 25th, 2018
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Jailed teacher goes on hunger strike

MAF NEWS – Mokhtar Assadi an imprisoned teacher from Sanandaj went on Hunger strike earlier this week as he has been deprived of leaving the jail to visit his family during Newroz,The Teachers Justice Seekers (TTJS) told Maf News.

Mokhtar Assadi

“Mokhtar Assadi told us in a phone-call that his request for leaving the jail for Newroz had been objected several times,” said TTJS, “so Assadi will spend the Newroz in jail.”

TTJS quoted Assadi that as the new management came to the Iranian Justice Ministry, he has been told that none of his documents and request letters for leaving the jail existed in his case, even the request letters which was sent by the Syndicate of Teachers to the justice ministry.

“Assadi was too unhappy with his situation, and alongside with other detainees, he went on wet hunger strike,” TTJS continued.

Assadi who is a member of the Syndication of Sanandaj’s Teachers was arrested in September 2017 when he went to Tehran’s revolutionary court to follow up with his case.

Assadi was sentences to one year in jail over “propaganda against government,” by the Iranian Revolutionary Court.

Assadi was arrested for the first time in 2006 when he was participating in a demonstration.

In 2010, as Iranian Government arrested hundreds if teachers activists, Assadi was arrested again and was freed on bail.