Posted News: Sat, Dec 23rd, 2017
News Code: 930

Kurdish suspects object to lash punishment

MAF NEWS – Three Kurdish citizens of Iranian Kurdish city of Saqez who were sentenced to be punished by lash publicly, have reportedly objected to the decision.

Zamaneh Ziviyeh

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, Ayub Javanpour, Zamaneh Ziviyeh and Monareh Molawayseh were sentenced to be given 50 whips, publicly by Saqez’s Revolutionary Court for celebrating Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Referendum on September 25 have objected to the decision and sent the case to Iran’s Supreme Court.

Javanpour, Ziviyeh and Molawayseh who are free on bail now were fined $450 as well.

Javanpour, Ziviyeh and Molawayseh were arrested in late November, they were accused of “Action against national security, participating in illegal gatherings and disturbing public disciplines.”