Posted News: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017
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Mahmoud Salehi arrested and re-imprisoned for one more year


MAF NEWS – About noon on Saturday, October 28, 2017, Mahmoud Salehi, a prominent activist of the Iranian Labour Movement, was arrested by four plainclothes security forces immediately after his kidney dialysis in a hospital in Saqez, Kurdistan province.

Mahmoud Salehi goes to Khomeini Hospital twice a week for dialysis. On October 28, 2017, as usual, after dialysis treatment, he was heading home along with his wife, Najibeh Salehzadeh. Suddenly a plainclothes agent stopped Mahmoud from behind and said he was arresting him. Mahmoud and his wife explained that he wasn’t feeling well due to the dialysis treatment and that he could repot to their office a day after, but two other plainclothes agents also came and they placed him forcefully in a car; at the same time a female agent went behind Najibeh to make sure that she could not intervene.

Najibeh requested to accompany Mahmoud to the courtroom, but they refused her request. They took Mahmoud to the Saqez court and Najibeh arrived separately shortly after. The public prosecutor of the Saqez court stated to Mahmoud Salehi that previously they had sentenced him to 9-year prison but his jail term has been reduced to one year effective immediately. Thereafter, around 4:00 PM, Mahmoud Salehi was transferred to the central prison of Saqez for execution of the sentence (see Mahmoud Salehi’s background below for more information).

Mahmoud Salehi suffers from serious heart and kidney diseases; plus twice a week he has to do kidney dialysis in the hospital. The health of Mahmoud Salehi will be in grave danger in prison and the authorities know that really well.

By incessantly targeting veteran labour activists in Iran, the Iranian government and judiciary not only are perpetuating a seemingly permanent state of fear and intimidation, it also is condemning some of these activists to gradual death. The Iranian labour movement just mourned the death of Mohammad Jarahi, who was refused proper treatment during his prison term.

Mahmoud Salehi is one of the most progressive and courageous Iranian labour activists and has been crucial in the rise of the Iranian labour movement in the past decade. He has spent many years in prison. The Iranian labour organizations and activists have strongly condemned the re-imprisonment of Mahmoud Salehi and demand his immediate and unconditional freedom.
(Kargaran Iran)