Posted News: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018
News Code: 1273

Monthly report of violation of human rights against Iranian Kurds in May 2018

MAFNEWS – According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, in May 2018, eight Kurdish detainees from Urmia, Eslam Abade Gharb and Ilam were hanged for murder and one Kurdish detainee from Kermanshah was executed for drug dealing in Esfahan.

At least 23 Iranian Kurdish activists have been summoned, interrogated and jailed. The activists were from Kurdish cities of Baneh, Sardasht, Sanandaj, Urmia, Kermanshah, Saqez, Oshnavieh, Javanrood and Gilane Gharb.

One Kurdish author from Khorasan have been sentenced to be lashed 74 times over “insulting authorities.”
Two Kurdish border carries known as Kolbar from Piranshahr and Oshnavieh were shot and dead by the Iranian border guards, one from from Kamyaran fell from cliff and died. Eight more Kolbars from Urmia, Piranshahr, Paveh, were wounded.

Three civil activists from Saqez were sentenced to two years in prison over political accusations. One civil activist from Ilam who was accused of “insulting sacred” have been sentenced to five years in jail.

One civil activist from Sanandaj was sentence to five years in jail.