Posted News: Fri, Nov 9th, 2018
News Code: 1437

Monthly Report Of Violation Of Human Rights Against Iranian Kurds in September 2018


MAFNEWS – According to statistics published by Mafnews regarding human rights abuse against Iranian Kurds in September 2018, dozens of Kurds have been summoned, interrogated, jailed, hanged and killed.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, four Kurdish detainees (political prisoners) have been hanged in Rajayi Shahr Prison and Miyandoab Prison.

A journalist in Ilam was sentenced to one year in prison, a labor activist Also from Sanandaj was sentenced to six months in jail.

Five Kurdish border porters known as Kolbars have been shot and dead by Iranian border guards and nineteen more wounded.

More than 50 Kurdish activist from Javanrood, Oshnavieh, Naghadeh, Ravansar, Sardasht, Mariwan, Sanandaj and Mahabad have been arrested, one for defending labour rights and the rest over “contacting with Kurdish (opposition parties,” based in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.