Posted News: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017
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The Situation Of A Kurdish Prisoner In Sanandaj Is Not Clear


MAF NEWS – Despite the repeated pursuit of the family of Ramin Hussein Panahi, there is still no news about the fate of the political activist. Ramin’s family has been plagued by Iran’s security forces for the past 10 years.

Ramin Hussein Panahi was arrested and shot by IRGC troops on June 22.
Right after his arrest the IRGC forces stopped by the house of his father to arrest Ramin’s family members.

Ramin Hussein Panahi’s parents even went to the Ministry of Intelligence and Revolutionary Guards centers, but so far, the two security agencies are not willing to respond.

Ramin Hussein Panahi, a political activist and member of the Komala party, was shot and arrested by the IRGC forces on June 22 for wanting to inform Iranian on human rights issues.

Along with his arrest the IRGC killed three other political activists.

Now, Ramin Hussein Panahi’s family has send a letter to UN Human Rights Reporter for Iran, Ms. Asma Jahangir, informing her about their situation. Despite the repeated pursuit of his family to Iran’s security agencies, there is no news about the fate of this political activist.