Posted News: Sat, Mar 10th, 2018
News Code: 1046

Two wounded Kolbars go to hospital

MAF NEWS – One border carrier known as Kolbar were reportedly shot, wounded by the Iranian border Guards in Khoy, meanwhile another one in Sardasht fell from height.

According to the Center of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan, Rasul Mola Weso from Vardeh village in Sardasht, fell from height in Kani Zard Mountains.

Mola Weso was transferred to hospital and according to the information obtained by Maf News his condition is critical.

Ebrahim Shakeri, from Khoy was shot, wounded by the frontier guards and then transferred to Urmia hospital.

At least five Kolbars have been wounded in last week, whether by the border guard or by falling from height.

Most of the Kolbars have to cross danger and impassable ways for now as the Iranian government decided to close many semi-officials borders between Kurdistan Region and Iranian Kurdistan.